Colored DREAM Spokes and Nipples

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All of our DREAM spokes are normal Sapim steel spokes that we custom powder coat here in shop to your liking. Powder coating is multi step process that ends in a lighter and more durable finish compared to paint. The coating weighs just 1 gram per 10 spokes.

We offer Sapim laser and sapim race spokes in many "stock" pre-made colors for $3.5 per spoke. We can make any of our 60+ other colors for $4.5 per spoke.

Pre-Coated spoke weights

Sapim Laser 2.0-1.5-2.0 These area Road-Gravel-XC-Trail very light weight spoke

Sapim Race 2.0-1.8-2.0- These are best for heavier guys on road-Gravel and hard trail-Hard DH riding

^^ We stock these spokes in 270-310 lengths. If you need any other lengths we will make them to order which is a 3-5 day wait.

Other spokes in stock for custom coating (3-5 day wait)

Sapim Cx-Ray- These are bladed spokes that are as light as the Laser's while being as strong as the race spokes. Best of both worlds.

Sapim laser SL 2.0-1.5-1.8- These spokes are the sapim laser on a even further diet and require a 1.8 nipple

Sapim Force 2.0-1.7-1.8- These are amazing tougher gravel spokes or MTB

Sapim Leader 2.0 strait gauge- These should only be used when absolute strength is needed. Big men on ebike, Big DJ riding, heavier BMX racers. For all other tough applications choose the sapim race spokes.

Returns; There is a 10% restocking fee if you give us the wrong lengths. There are no returns on multi colored spokes. Measure twice order once!!

Please use a spoke length calculator and ask any question you have. Feel free to call 304-933-4533 or email



Stock colors ready to go are below...













Cosmos sparkle

The rest of our colors