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Wheel build times are 5-7 business days to get them built then they are shipped the day after.


Bitex 211 hubs. We stock these in 6 bolt with boost spacing. We have them in black and oilslick only

DT 370 LN Ratchet hubs: These Are much liek the Dt 350 with a 18T ratchet system which has long proven to be one of the most reliable systems in the industry.

Spank Hex: We have these hubs in all of their colors. These are one of the best bang for the buck hubs on the market. Great quality, snappy 102 POE and a BOLD sound. Avaiable in Black Red, Blue, orange, Lime Green, Silver and Purple. Boost spacing and 6 bolt only.

Dt 350: These have long been a go to for a durable hubset that wont let you down. It has been updated and now comes with a 36T ratchet and a new shell. We stock 6 bolt boost spacing along with 20x110 boost and 12x150/157

I9 1/1; These are I9's "budget" hubs but they weigh the same and use many of the same parts as the Hydra. They have a crisp sound and 90 POE. We stock these in 6b and CL boost and 150/157. They come in black only.

Hope Pro 5: These are the least expensive premium level hub set. Available in Black Red, Blue, orange, Lime, Silver and Purple with a tight 108 POE. These come with top grade Abec 5 Steel bearings. We stock these in boost spacing and 6 bolt.

I9 Hydra: With an amazing 690 POE these are gnarly hubs!! These come with top grade Abec 5 Steel bearings and an amazing freehub noise. They are the most popular hub set on the market for good reason.

Onyx Vesper and Classic hubs: These hubs are the only silent hubs on the market and the only hub that can complete with the Hydra in the POE department. They use a Sprague clutch design freehub which is the same system Ferrari uses in their Transmissions and the military uses for helicopter rotor systems. We stock most ano colors of these hubs and can order any other color you want from them (3 weeks for not in stock orders)

Chris King: If Rolex designed a hubset they would design Chris king hubs. They last a long time, have a ton of moving parts all perfectly machined to get the job done.

Dt 240; These are the lightest hubs on this list, if you are a weight weenie and dont particularly care about POE then the 240 might be for you. These come with a 54 POE and a extremely reliable ratchet freehub design.


We can custom Powder coat any of these hub sets for +$95. We also laser etch the logo's back into the hubs to make them look 1 off and factory cool.

Powder coat colors list^^^

Custom hub examples we have done hammered silver orange gold gold Blue bronze bronze Yellow White Blue Morplo  -Cosmic  -blue  -Grey -Red  -orange  -Copper



See a comparison here ^^

XC Rim options

Notubes Crest Mk4 The crest is the best alloy Xc rim on the market. 25mm internal width 380 gram rims

We Are One Revive The revives are 25mm internal width, carbon fiber and 340 grams per rim. They come with a lifetime warranty.

Trail rim Options

Notubes Arch mk4 These are the best general trail or bigger guy XC rims right now. 28mm int width and 465 grams. These are wide enough for 2.1-2.5" tires and plenty strong for tougher use.

Notubes Flow mk4- 100 grams per rim lighter than the EX3 but tough enough where the Stan's riders used them at Redbull rampage last year. They have a spoke offset which makes them punch above their weight.

We Are One Sector- at 28mm internal width and 495 grams  the sector is a great tough trail rim for those using 2.2-2.5" tires They come with a lifetime warranty.

Enduro / DH Rim options (all 30mm internal width and perfect for 2.2-2.6" tires)

Stans Notubes Flow Ex3 These are the toughest Alloy enduro rims on the market right now. We have build hundreds of them with only a few ever getting wrecked. If you want a rim that will keep rolling when you turn that front wheel down the mtn these are the best.

See Ex3 strength comparison^^^

Dt FR 541- Contending for the Ex3's tough crown Dt Made a thicker version of the 511 for hard riding

Dt 511- Made for hard enduro riding, lighter than the EX3 and 541 and a tough heavier/stronger than the flow mk4

Race Face Arc30 HD- Thee are super strong and come with an amazing lifetime warranty. These are the exact rims Satacruz rebranded as their "reserve alloy Hd" They are mid weight and have a spoke offset

WTB i30 kom tough- These sport the same inner bridge as the flow ex3 rims but have a lighter overall weight. Very good strength to weight ratio.

We Are One Triad- Carbon fiber! Lighter than all of the rims above but stronger than the Ex3, made in Canada and have a lifetime warranty. Thi

We Are One Strife- Carbon fiber, Full Dh ready, max strength. The toughest rim here Made in Canada with a life time warranty.

+ Size options 35mm- We stock 35mm for + size wheels because that is the diameter the + size tires are based off of. We cna source 40mm rims too ut they tend to make  square tire shape that does not perform well.

Race Face Ar 35- tough offset rim that has all the strength needed for trail use. These come with a lifetime warranty.

WTB i35 KOM tough- These are a great hard trail/ Enduro rim with a second inner bridge for more impact resistance.

We Are One Convert The carbon fiber Convert is the answer to a wider format rim that gives the ultimate stability and traction. Perfectly suited for clunker hardtails and plus bikes where larger tires are the game.. We dont stock these but can get them in around 1 week.


Sapim laser- Xc weight for lighter riders and XC/ Gravel builds 2.0-1.5-2.0 mm

Sapim laser SL- Super light weight for lighter riders and builds. These are lighter than the X-Ray and the normal Laser 2.0-1.5-1.8mm. We stock these for 27.5 and 29/ 700c builds

Sapim force- The best trail weight spoke 2.0-1.7-1.8mm

Sapim Race- The most popular Enduro and Dh spoke for guys up to 230 pounds. Extremely strong and lighter than the leader.

Sapim Leader- Max strength weigh is no consideration

Sapim Cx-Ray ($125) These are as light as the laser and as strong as the Race. they have been cold press into a bladed shape and last a very long time.

Sapim Cx-Sprint ($90) Same bladed shape as the X-ray but thicker and even stronger

Berd spokes($399 and 2 weeks) Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). UHMWPE has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and floats on water. Berd spokes have an improved fatigue life over steel and are impervious to the elements. This is what makes Berd spokes the lightest, strongest, and most durable spokes ever invented.


All Aluminum nipples are free. Black and silver brass nipples are free. We powder coat colored brass nipples here in shop basic colors for $25. Custom colored alloy or brass nipples are $35(see our powder coat in stock colors list)

Colored spoke designs

We price our colored spokes by how many you want on your wheels. We consult directly on every custom design. Email or call the shop at 304-933-4533 to get your custom design.

We have a 1 week build time and ship anywhere!


Hub: Bitex 6Bolt