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Excess P3x5 hubs- These hubs are an amazing bang for the buck. Light weight tight 120 POI of engagement and fast rolling bearings. These are avaiable in 28 and 36 hole setups for Mini-Expert-Pro-Cruiser sized bikes. Rim or disc brake compatible.

Box Stealth Expert Hubset- These use the same type of Sprague clutch that you see on an Onyx with a lesser price. Black color only. Perfect for Mini and expert 28 hole builds. Rim brake only.

Profile Elite Hubset: The king of BMX Buzzzz. profile makes A++ quality hubs with top quality bearings, Ultra tight 204 POE, all axle brake and hole drilling options available.

Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Polished, Gold , Green, Purple, Aqua, Matte Black, White

Full Specs here:

Onyx OHM hubs:  These are made to be the best mini hub set on the market. Nothing touches these. They use the same sprague clutch as the Pro/Ultra models. Mini riders are lighter and produce less power so every little bit of drag makes an exponential difference compared to older riders. These hubs help in that very way making your little ripper flow through the corners. 28 hole and Rim brake only.

Available stock in black only. We can custom coat these any color for $95 as well.

Full specs here

Onyx Pro hubs: These hubs are perfect for expert sized riders and smaller adults. These are the preferred hubs of the worlds top women's racer and work perfect for your bigger kid too. 28 and 26 hole, all colors available. Rim and disc brake.

Onyx ultra hubs: he Onyx BMX Ultra and Ultra Disc Series  are the go-to choice for most adult riders. Designed with a larger clutch assembly to handle higher torque inputs, this hub is available as 36 spoke in 10mm(3/8”) bolt on, 12mm and 15mm Thru-Bolt configurations. An ISO Disc brake version also is available in 36 spoke. Compatible with Shimano type (Hyperglide) cogs.

Onyx Ultra SS hubs (custom order only) This is it! the ULTIMATE BMX HUB. The Onyx BMX Ultra SS  and Ultra SS Disc series are designed around the biggest, toughest, and strongest riders in the world. A Super sized bearing and clutch assembly can handle the highest torque outputs you can deliver. This model is adaptable to every axle standard from 10mm (3/8”) all the way up to 20mm Thru-Bolt. Available in 36 spoke and fits our proprietary Ultra SS Cogs. Also available in ISO Disc brake 36 spoke.

We can custom Powder coat any of these hub sets for +$95. We also laser etch the logo's back into the hubs to make them look 1 off and factory cool.

Powder coat colors list^^^

Custom hub examples we have done hammered silver orange gold gold Blue bronze bronze Yellow White Blue Morplo  -Cosmic  -blue  -Grey -Red  -orange  -Copper


Aluminum rims

Sun Ringle Envy Rims- Available in 20" and 24" Cruiser. These rims are light weght and tough enough to handle all the cases you can throw at them.

Box One Alloy: The Box One Rims feature a double-walled, eyeleted, low profile designed optimized to be lightweight and durable! Offered in both brake and brake-less variants, allow for clean and sleek wheel builds that only have rim brake tracks where they need to be. Available in Mini, Expert, Pro size and 24" cruiser size

Carbon Rims:

Ikon Carbon Rims-Available in 20-24-Expert-Mini-OS20 sizes. Full Carbon

E6 Carbon Rims- Available in 20-24-Expert-Mini-OS20 sizes. Full Carbon

Box Hex Lab- Available in Mini- Pro-Cruiser sizes. Full Carbon

Fall Risk Racing- Available in 20-24-Expert-Mini-OS20 sizes. Full Carbon

Answer Racing- Available in 20-24-Expert-Mini-OS20 sizes. Full Carbon

Carbone Cartel- Available in 20-24-Expert-Mini-OS20 sizes. Full Carbon


Sapim Cx-Ray ($125) These are as lighter than Ti and as strong as the sapim leader. they have been cold press into a bladed shape and last 5x as long as a conventional spoke. The bladed section is also more aerodynamic when compared to a round spoke. Every one of our top riders such as Cam Bramer, Mckenzie Gayheart, and Kady Brink Ride these spokes.

Ti Spokes: These are a BMX tradition and we list them because of that. They are not as strong-aerodynamic-light-or durable as the CX-Ray but they are great spokes. (+$150)

Berd spokes($399 and 2 weeks) Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). UHMWPE has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and floats on water. Berd spokes have an improved fatigue life over steel and are impervious to the elements. This is what makes Berd spokes the lightest, strongest, and most durable spokes ever invented.

Sapim laser- Perfect for Lighter riders. These are lighter than Ti spokes and dont cost any extra for the build. 2.0-1.5-2.0 mm.

Sapim Race- These are a tough spoke that saves you weight over the Leader while retaining a ton of strength.

Sapim Leader- Max strength weigh is no consideration


Aluminum nipples: Super light, and they are as strong as brass... just not for as long. If you are a lighter rider or a rider who maintains their wheels go with aluminum. If you a rider who wants a set and forget for a few year option go with brass.

Brass nipples: Super strong and have a longer wear life. The disadvantage is 30 grams of extra rotational weight.

All Aluminum nipples are free. Black and silver brass nipples are free. We powder coat colored brass nipples here in shop basic colors for $25. Custom colored alloy or brass nipples are $35(see our powder coat in stock colors list)

Colored spoke designs

We price our colored spokes by how many you want on your wheels. We consult directly on every custom design. Email or call the shop at 304-933-4533 to get your custom design.

East Coast shipping is $45 West of the Mississippi is $55 and Canada is $75
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