Closeout ENVE 6.7 SES 2024 With Enve alloy hubs

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SES 6.7 rims

Striking the ultimate balance between weight savings, stability, aerodynamics, and rolling efficiency, the SES 6.7 defines Real-World Fast and raises the bar for modern aero wheel performance. Grams of rim, versus grams of drag, make the SES 6.7 the outright fastest wheel on the road.

• When speed matters most
• 1497-gram wheelset weight (with XDR body)
• Inner rim width: 23mm
• Aero optimized tire size: 27mm-28mm (Labeled)
• Minimum labeled tire size: 25mm
• Tubeless tires only, these can be used with a tube as long as the tire is tubeless.


These come with the enve alloy hubs which have a 36T ratchet, are super easy to service and last forever.

Aero Optimized Tubless-Ready Tire Size 28mm
Minimum Tire Size (Labeled) 25mm
Maximum Tire Pressure for Min. Tire (psi | bar) 90 | 6.2
Tire Type Tubeless Ready
Tubeless Tape Width 26.5mm