BMX Race Wheels

BMX Race Wheels

Tailor Made

  Building high end wheelsets is what we are best at. A modern set  of race  wheels can give you a serious edge over your competition. Correctly  built wheels with the right lacing, spokes/tension and hubs  makes a huge  difference. If you were spending a lot of money on a suit  would you  pick one off the rack? No! You want to have that suit  tailored to your size, a well tailored wheel set can have the same  benefits!   



We use Pillar and Sapim Spokes in all our BMX builds. Spokes go a long way in making your wheelset ride smoothly. Using the best hubs and rims with the correct spoke for your discipline  and weight will put your set above standard factory built wheels. We tune every wheelset to the riders weight with the correct spoke tension  for the best build.


Our  DREAM spokes are normal J bend or strait pull spokes made by Sapim that  we powder Coat any color you want, right here in shop. Through an elaborate process they are coated with an ultra durable and lightweight  powder coating which looks amazing, and can hold up to your abuse. The  coating only weighs 1 gram per TEN spokes. 


DREAM colored spoke pricing 

1-10 $4 each

11-20 $50

21-40 $95

41-64 $145


$199 Multi colored spokes for a complete set with any 2-3 colors on the spokes

Multi color example



 Carbon and aluminum options are available from companies such as Box, Sun Ringle, Answer, Ikon, all Risk and Excess


Mini, Adult, or Cruiser we have you covered. Message us to place your custom order!


BMX wheelsets Hubset + Aluminum Rims. Box, Sun Ringle Envy, Excess
Excess $499
Box one $599
profile hubs $749
Onyx OHM $749 custom colors are free
Onyx Ultra $849 all colors available 


Hubset+ Carbon rims. Fall Risk, Answer, Box, Ikon
Excess $1049
Box One $1150
Profile Elite $1299
Onyx OHM $1299 custom colors are free
Onyx Ultra $1399 all colors available


These prices are for a complete wheelset front and rear wheel built with spokes and ready to ride!

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