Custom Road and Gravel Wheels

Custom Road and Gravel Wheels


 Chris  King, Hope, Dt Swiss Industry Nine, Spank, and Bitex, are just a few of  the options available for your next dream wheelset. 


Custom options

 $15 for colored valves

$35 for colored decals for a black rim

$20 for colored decals on a powder coated alloy rim

$75 for custom powder coated rims in any color

$95 for custom powder coated hubs in any color.




We  use DT Swiss Pillar and Sapim Spokes in all our builds. Spokes go a  long way in making your wheelset ride smoothly. Using the best hubs and  rims with the correct spoke for your discipline and weight will put your  set above standard factory built wheels. We tune every wheelset to the  riders weight with the correct spoke tension for the best build.

Our  DREAM spokes are normal J bend or strait pull spokes made by Sapim that  we powder Coat any color you want, right here in shop. Through an  elaborate process they are coated with an ultra durable and lightweight  powder coating which looks amazing, and can hold up to your abuse. The  coating only weighs 1 gram per TEN spokes. 

DREAM colored spoke pricing 

1-10 $4 each

 11-20 $50- Free colored valves 

21-40 $95 -Free colored valves 

41-$64 $145- Free colored valves

$199 Multi colored spokes for a complete set with any 2-3 colors on the spokes

Multi color example



We use carbon rims from ENVe, Zipp, Nox, Stans, and We Are one



ENVE 2.2, 3.4, 4.5, 6.7

Zipp 303, 404, 808

Nox Falkor 36 and 55


Super light low profile

Stans Grail Cb7, 300 grams and amazing for Cx and gravel

We Are One Revive, 25mm internal width 340 grams


Aluminum for road/Gravel

Crest mk4, 25mminternal width, the best gravel alloy rim on the market

HED Belgium 25mm internal width and a very tough gravel/Road alloy hoop



ENVE SES 3.4-4.5-6.7 with  Cx-ray spokes, ENVE nipples

$2300 with DT 350 

$2350 onto Hope RS4

 $2650 onto I9 torch road hubs

$2750 onto Onyx Road hubs

 $2750 onto DT swiss 240 EXP

 $2850 onto Chris king


Zipp 303-404 firecrest, with Cx-ray spokes, your choice of nipples

$1800 onto DT 350

$1850 onto Hope RS4

$2150 i9 torch road hubs 

$2250 DT240 EXP

$2250 onto Onyx Road hubs

$2350 Chris King

$2350 Dt 180's


Aluminum Stans or HED rims

Bitex $500

Spank hex $600

Dt 350 $625

I9 1/1 $650

Hope RS4 $675 

I9 Torch Road $899 

Onyx Road $949 

DT 240 $999 

Chris king R45 $999


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