Green I9 hydra/ 29" Stans Notubes Flow mk4 Trail Wheelset

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These are one off wheels featuring our multi colored DREAM spokes which are Standard DT and Sapim spokes that undergo a durable powder coating to look amazing and retain alll the advantages of standard J bend spokes. The coating only adds 5-8 grams of weight for the whole set. We can do this to any wheelset in any color. 

 -29" Notubes flow mk4 rims 32 hole, Great hard trail smashers. 30mm internal width 

-2.0-1.8-2.0 spokes with brass nipples

 -I9 hydra Boost 15x110F 12x148 rear 

-ALL Freehubs available XD, Microspline and Hg. The wheels will ship with whichever you need. 

 -These are not for weight weeneis, if you are worried about weight contact me and I can build you a weight weenie set. These are built for hard charging all MTN riding.  

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