SRAM, X0 Eagle T-Type, Rear Derailleur, Speed: 12, Black

Sale price$523.00

Whether on the starting line or not, the X0 Eagle Transmission (T-Type) derailleur brings competition-tested prowess to riders who let their riding prove everything. Engineered as integrated and interdependent transmission components, the X0 Eagle Transmission derailleur mounts around the wheel axle itself, contacting the cassette directly with a first-of-its-kind Hangerless Interface. The Full Mount attachment method creates a far stronger connection that grips both sides of the frame. Featuring an overload clutch that boosts resiliency and a tucked-in profile that houses protection covers on the B-knuckle and outer link that are fully replaceable, or upgradeable to the XX skid plate.

  • Hangerless Interface, Full Mount attachment method. (UDH compatible frame required)
  • Replaceable B-Knuckle cover and outer link.
  • Battery Not Included
  • SRAM Model ID: RD-X0-E-B1