Stan's Flow CB7 29" MTB Rim

Sale price$590.00


Our lightest and most advanced Flow rim combines lightweight carbon construction with strategically reinforced rim sections, a shape designed to absorb vibrations, and an asymmetric rim design that builds into a stronger overall wheel. The Flow CB7 rim is light, tough, and ready for any climb up the mountain, and any line down.

The asymmetric design of the Flow CB7 rim allows for offset spokes, creating a stronger overall wheel, while Stan's patented rim design ensures easy tubeless inflation and reliability. Asymmetric rims usually struggle to inflate easily and maintain a reliable seal on both sides of the rim. But Stan's BST-Asymmetric rims equalize pressure for easy inflation and total ride confidence under even the hardest cornering. Flow CB7 carbon rims rely on Stan's RiACT, or radial impact absorbing carbon technology to create a superior ride that actually absorbs vibrations. Unlike lesser carbon rims that ride stiff and transfer impacts and vibration to the suspension and rider, the Flow CB7 is able to deflect radially to help prevent pinch flats, roll faster and handle better. The RiACT rim shape, combined with the added bracing angle strength of the Flow CB7’s asymmetrical drilling, also maintains excellent lateral stiffness and strength.

If you're searching for the ultimate lightweight trail and all mountain rim, and a rim with a proven track record for tubeless performance, the Flow CB7 is the right rim for you.



  • BST-Asymmetric design combines Stan’s legendary easy tubeless inflation with a stronger, more balanced wheel build
  • Low-profile 29mm internal width optimizes tire shape, traction, and control for 2.3-2.6” tires

  • Carbon RiACT rim shape maximizes radial compliance while resisting lateral flex to absorb impacts, roll faster, and increase control

  • Shape and layup equalize pressure and balance impact forces on both the long and short sides of the rim, making both stronger

  • Custom decal colors

  • 7-year carbon rim Warranty and lifetime crash replacement